ROI Calculator

We came across a project recently through LinkedIn to convert an existing ROI calculator on Mettler-Toledo’s web site for a different product division. Our client had a good idea of what they wanted it to do, they just weren’t sure how to take what they already had and make a new calculator out of it. After a brief Read more about ROI Calculator[…]

Excel Worksheet

Creating PDF Reports using Excel

What do you do when you’ve got a bunch of tabular data and need each record converted into a separate PDF file? Surprisingly, you can use Excel to do that. Why? We have a client who was receiving data from an external vendor and needed to convert the table of data into separate PDF report files Read more about Creating PDF Reports using Excel[…]

Document Tracking Mass Uploads

How do you get a bunch of PDF documents uploaded to a database quickly and easily? Contact us of course! We recently had a customer who had a need to upload a large number of PDF documents into a SQL Server database. We devised a simple console application that they could pass a few parameters to Read more about Document Tracking Mass Uploads[…]

Quick solution to a data import problem

Populating data in your CAMS database can be a challenging task, especially when there are several different sources to pull from. It isn’t impossible though and shouldn’t keep you from keeping your data up-to-date. We were recently presented with a need from a college to import a file of over 39,000 high schools from The College Read more about Quick solution to a data import problem[…]

Converting a manual process to an automated one

I recently completed project was for a CAMS college that wanted to automate the inputting of faculty contracts into CAMS Enterprise. It used to be a process where someone would have to manually calculate the contract amount and enter in the courses an instructor would be teaching. I ended up writing a couple of SQL stored Read more about Converting a manual process to an automated one[…]